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[Service] Adobe Creative Cloud - General

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of graphic design, video editing, and web development software from Adobe. Adobe Creative Suite contains Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, and many more.

[Service] Duo - General

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) powered by Duo is a service provided by Northwestern IT for members of the Northwestern University community who use various administrative systems. It is a more secure way to log in, requiring the user authentication using NetID and password and with a registered phone number.

[Service] NUSites

NUSites is a WordPress publishing environment offered in partnership with CampusPress and available to students, faculty, and staff, free of charge. It is used to build and manage websites and blogs. It may also be referred to as Sites.NU or WordPress.

[Service] Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a survey-making software licensed by Northwestern IT for use across the university. It is accessible by all faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. Many schools and departments at Northwestern have their own Qualtrics environment that has its own sign-on system.

Accordion draft

code for adding accordions for different OS instructions

Closing a Ticket

Once you have completed a ticket in TeamDynamix (TDX) you will need to . This guide will cover:
1. How to close a ticket
2. What happens to the ticket once it is Resolved/Completed

DDH - "Security agent is not running" Troubleshooting

Short Description of the Problem:
Common troubleshooting steps for the error "Security agent is not running" on both Feinberg owned and personally owned machines.

Known Errors/Root Cause:
Typically seen when anti-virus is not setup properly.

Computer must meet other security requirements such as encryption and having the DUO Device Health application installed.

FSM - Connecting to a network printer (Windows) Printer Codes

Connecting to a printer via \\

FSM - NetID Administrators

This is a list of NetID Administrators who can make NetID Requests.

FSM - SAS installation

Technician guide for installing SAS

FSM - Security Hold Requests

To provide the appropriate situations to offer and place a security hold on a NetID.

FSM - Top Ten Issues

moving top ten over

FSM - VFSMPrint02 IP Addresses

Dump of IP and driver information from VFSMPrint02

Managing expiration of affiliate and organizational NetIDs as a NetID administrator in NUValidate

This article describes renewing deactivating affiliate or organizational NetIDs and includes notes for escalation in case certain criteria are met.

Moving a ticket from NUIT TDX to Feinberg TDX portal

Please follow these steps to transfer tickets that land in the NUIT TDX portal, to the Feinberg portal. This will allow Feinberg to properly receive and review incoming tickets.

Processing New Listserv Requests in Team Dynamix

New steps on how to create and process new Listserv requests in TDX

Restore Deleted Google Account

Restore Google Account

Service Desk: TextExpander Edit and New Snippet Requests

Instructions for requesting edits to / new TextExpander snippets for the TSS Service Desk.

TDX Change: Creating Automated Statuspage Postings from Change (RFC) Tickets

This article provides information and instructions for automating a Statuspage posting from a Request for Change (RFC) ticket in TeamDynamix (TDX).

TeamDynamix Training Videos and Resources

This article includes a combined set of resources to help you work within the TDNext platform.

Tier 3 or Tier 4 Desktop Configuration Recommendations

Desktops in TeamDynamix (TDX) can help you easily find tickets and tasks assigned to you and your team. Saved searches create a robust and customizable way to find, view, and monitor tickets for your team. This guide contains recommendations for Tier 3 and Tier 4 desktop configurations and will use the IT Tickets Desktop.

Transitioning Tickets from FootPrints to Team Dynamix

This article shows one way to manage ticket moves from FootPrints into TDX by silently closing the FP ticket and then opening the TDX ticket with the relevant information from the initial request.

Updating a Ticket

How to update a pre-existing ticket in TDX including changing the status, contacting the requestor, adding to internal notes, and more.

Working with Tickets in TeamDynamix

This guide will cover the basics of working with tickets in TeamDynamix including ticket: creation, updating, collaboration, and resolution.