MS Outlook and Teams error messages in Microsoft 365 - Steps to Resolve

The "You cannot access this right now" error is one of our most common issues.

*Please note, if you are a Feinberg user, please confirm that you are first connected to the Big-IP client, or F5 prior to following the steps below.


"Sign in with your Northwestern Email account"

  1. In the File tab in your Outlook client, navigate to Office Account.
  2. Select the option to Sign out (click on Yes if asked to sign out of all Office applications).

  3. Once signed out, sign back into your Office account with the Sign In option and type in your email.

  4. Follow the steps to sign in with your NU Exchange email.  If you receive a prompt to sign in with your Work or school account vs your Personal account, please choose the first option.
  5. After you are signed in, confirm that your user account has been updated and restart Outlook (see the proper format below).  


Other error messages and Teams sign-in issues

"Sign in with another account" 

When you are signing in, sometimes you receive the following prompt, which will present you with the account: "ads\NetID" instead of your email.  In this case, choose the option to Sign in with another account and follow the steps to sign in with your email.


"Account Error"

Sometimes your account will have an Account Error message.  Signing out and back in as illustrated above will resolve the issue.


"We are unable to connect right now"

If you have attempted the steps above, but cannot access the option to update your Microsoft account (possible pop up below), close your Outlook and disconnect from any VPN that is NOT Big-IP or F5 (Native VPN, Cisco AnyConnect, GlobalProtect).  Once disconnected, restart Outlook and follow the steps above to update your Microsoft account.


Resolving sign-in errors in Microsoft Teams

When signing in on a Feinberg managed device, Teams will auto generate an account (see below).  Since Teams is also connected to your Microsoft account, signing in with an account other than your email will cause issues.

If you are unsure which Teams account you are signed into, navigate to the circle at the top right and chose the option to Sign out. After that, follow the steps to sign in with your account. If you are still having issues with Outlook even after making the account change in Teams, please follow the steps outlined above to sign out and back into your Microsoft account.


For additional assistance, please contact Feinberg IT at

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