Cancel Receipts Using Manage Requisitions in NUFinancials

This guide shows a User how to Cancel Receipts from the Manage Requisitions page.

A receipt cannot be canceled if it has already been matched to a voucher and purchase order.

Receipts can be canceled from Manage Requisitions or Add/Update Receipts. These steps focus on Manage Requisition page. Manage Requisitions is used to cancel receipts, whether they contain one receipt line or many. Use Add/Update Receipts when you need to cancel one or more receipt lines, but not all receipt lines.

Why do you cancel a receipt?

Reasons for canceling a receipt include:

  • You entered a receipt in error.
  • You may need to cancel a receipt prior to submitting a change order or to a purchase order being rolled into a new fiscal year. (If you need to re-apply or enter the receipt after the change order or roll to the next fiscal year takes place, you must use Add/Update Receipts.)
  • If you need to cancel just one or more lines of a receipt containing multiple lines, use Add/Update Receipts. 


Login to NUFinancials: > Login > Requisition tile > Manage Requisitions.

Cancel a receipt

  1. Locate Requisition with receipt to be cancelled in Manage Requisitions.
  2. Click the triangle to open the requisition lifespan.
  3. Double-click the Receiving icon. 


4. Locate the line for receipt that you want to cancel. Click the red X to cancel.


5. Click Yes to confirm the cancellation.




  •  A receipt cannot be canceled if it has already been matched to a voucher and purchase order.
  • When you cancel a receipt, the entire receipt will be canceled.
  •  After canceling a receipt, if you need to re-apply the receipt, you may do so using Add/Update Receipts.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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