Manage Requisitions in NUFinancials: View Lifespan

The Requisition lifespan allows you to review the current status and underlying detail for the stages of the life cycle of a requisition.

What does a requisition status indicate?

Approved Requisition has been fully approved.

Canceled Requisition was submitted but later canceled

Complete Order has completed its lifespan, been paid, and reconciled.

Denied An approver sent back the requisition. The requisition total is still pre-encumbered, so you need to cancel the requisition or edit and resubmit it.

Open Requisition was saved by Requester but not submitted

PO(s) Created Approved requisition has been sourced into one or more purchase orders (POs).

PO(s) Dispatched PO has been faxed or emailed to supplier.

Partially Received Requisition has been partially received. One or more lines have a remaining quantity or amount to receive.

Pending Requisition has been submitted but not yet approved by all Approvers.

Received Requisition has been completed and payment can be sent to supplier.

Retrieve requisition

Navigation: NUFinancials > Navigator > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions

Alternatively, click the Manage Requisitions Tile

By default, only requisitions you have created will be displayed, based on your NetID. You may search for requisitions created by other Requesters by entering their NetIDs, for example your predecessor. If necessary, enter or modify search parameters to find the desired requisition(s) and click Search.

Open Request Lifespan


  1. In the expanded Requisitions section, click the expand section icon (triangle) for a requisition.


  1. The lifespan is displayed below the line.
    • Active icons will be in color, and inactive icons will be greyed out (dimmed).
    • Active icons will have an active Link, which is indicated by the icon title being underlined. For example, the Requisition icon has an active link.

Review the Requisition Lifespan

Reading from left to right -- current status is the active icon and link furthest to the right. In our example, Approvals is the last colored (and active) icon and link.

View Requisition or Approval Workflow

  1. If the Requisition link in Request Lifespan is active, click it to view additional information. You can review more detail about the item description, purchase order and distribution (chart strings). Requisition Lines will expand (click the triangle) and display shipping and accounting details.

If the Approvals link in Request Lifespan is active, click it to review which levels of workflow have been complete and which levels are still outstanding. You can also see if an approver has denied or sent back a transaction and review related comments/reasons.

Locate Purchase Order number

If the Purchase Order link in Request Lifespan is active, click the Purchase Orders icon to view the PO Number and additional information. In the example, the Purchase Order icon is not active.

View Receiving or Receipts

If the Receiving link in Request Lifespan is active, click the Receiving icon to view additional information about specific receipts and to assess any missing receipts. In our example, the Receiving is not active.

A single receipt number is created for all items received in one session. Multi-line requisitions will contain multiple receipt numbers if some items are received in separate sessions. Click the receipt icon to view receipt details.

To see more details, click the receiver details icon.

The line details page displays the detail of the line receipt.

View Invoice (Voucher)

If the Invoice link in Request Lifespan is active, click the Invoice icon to view additional information. Invoice in this case refers to the NU internal voucher created by Accounts Payable when an invoice is received. Use the voucher number as a reference if you need to contact AP for more information about the invoice. To view invoice number, go to Payments link in Request Lifespan. You can also see the Match Rule and Match Status for the requisition. In our example, both the Invoice link and Payments link are not active.

View Payments

If the Payments link in Request Lifespan is active, click the Payments icon to view the NU Check number, Payment Date, number of days outstanding (not cashed), payment address, payment method, invoice number and dollar amount.

View Posted Credits

If the Invoice link in Request Lifespan is active, click the Invoice icon. You are looking for a negative amount in the amount field in the PO Voucher Lines section. In the example, Invoice is not active.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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