Creating a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition in NUFinancials

This Job Aid walks a Requester through the process of creating a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition.

Navigation: Log into NUFinancials > Click on the Requisitions (tile)

  1. Click the Requisition Tile
  2. Click Create New Requisition.
  3. Click Special Requests to create a Non-Catalog Requisition.
  4. Enter Item Description.
  5. Enter Price.
  6. Enter Quantity.
  7. Click the Unit of Measure. For all special requisitions, ALWAYS enter EA.
  8. Click the Category magnifying glass to look up the categories.
  9. Click the Category link that best describes the item.

Note: To select the category of capital goods, select the appropriate asset category.

  1. For the Supplier Name field, click the Supplier Name magnifying glass to run a search for the supplier directly from this field.
  2. Enter the name of the Supplier that you need in the Name Then Click Find.
    • Select only the supplier with the address that matches your ordering form or source address.
    • If the supplier is found but the address is wrong, update the address through Supplier Change Request process.
    • If no results are found for your supplier, you can request to add the supplier to NUFinancials using Supplier Registration process.
  3. Click the Supplier Item ID link to select the Supplier.
  4. In Supplier Item ID, type the supplier catalog identification, if applicable.
  5. Enter comments into the Additional Information field, if needed.
  6. Optional: Click Send to Supplier checkbox if the comments should be sent to the purchase order.
  7. Click Add to Cart to add the item to your shopping cart.
  8. Click Checkout, once you are done adding line items.
  9. Enter Requisition Name.
  10. Requisition Type defaults to the Standard Requisition which is ONL; no action is required.
  11. To add an Attachment, click the Add button next to the comment bubble.
  12. Click Add Attachment > Choose File > Upload > OK.
  13. Click on the triangle next to your line item for Ship To.
  14. Click the Triangle next to that line item, to view the hidden section that contains the Ship To and Chart String fields for a line item.
  15. Click the magnifying glass next Ship To.
  16. Click Look Up and choose a Location ID.
  17. Click the triangle next to Accounting Lines, to view the hidden section that contains the chart string fields for a line item.
  18. Click Chartfield2.
  19. Enter Fund Code.
  20. Enter Department (Dept) Code.
  21. Enter Account Code.
  22. Enter Requisition Comments.
  23. Enter Approval Justification comment.
  24. Click Check Budget.
    • The budget check ensures the chart string(s) is valid and has no spending controls against it that would prevent you from submitting the requisition.
    • Successful budget checking pre-encumbers or earmarks the funds.
  25. A pop-up message appears regarding saving and budget checking the transaction. Click OK.
  26. Click Save & Submit.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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