Resolve Chart String Combination and Budget Check Errors for Requisitions in NUFinancials

If you get a budget check error on a requisition, here is a review of the error messages and chart string rules that will help in resolving the issues.

After checking the budget on a requisition, you may see the status as Error.


 Find your requisition listed under Requisitions. Select Edit from the drop-down menu and click GO. You should receive a Message pop-up.


Click OK. The Edit Requisition – Review and Submit window opens. Scroll to the bottom and find the Budget Checking Status: Error message.

This indicates that the check was not successful. Click the Error link to view error message.


In training example below, the error is No Budget Exists. This includes that no budget has been established on the chart strings.


Chart String Construction Rules

Use this table to determine if a chart string is correct. Find the Fund the chart string uses, and then follow the row across to see what rules apply to each ChartField for that Fund number. The Fund and Account ChartFields are required on every transaction.



**Unless the sponsoring agency doesn’t allow carry-over funding between award periods or requires billing invoices to be sent for spending on individual periods.

*As allowed by Northwestern University policies and procedures. For example, restricted funds may prohibit certain types of expense.


Budget Error Messages


Budget Header Status Errors




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