iBuyNU Shopping Cart Naming Conventions in NUFinancials

Below are suggested guidelines for naming shopping carts in iBuyNU. Schools/departments may modify these guidelines as necessary to support their business practices.


  • Use first initial, last name, and date (MM-DD-YY) cart was created: "clacy 07-23-15"
  • If you create more than one cart in a day, use first initial, last name, date cart was created, and another unique identifier such as number or letter.
  • The examples below should be the basic naming convention for shopping from several different suppliers and adding to one cart.
  • For example, if using numbers:
    • Cart #2 of the day would be: "clacy 07-23-15 2"
    • Cart #3 of the day would be: "clacy 07-23-15 3"
    • Cart #4 of the day would be: "clacy 07-23-15 4"
  • For example, if using letters:
    • Cart #2 of the day would be: "clacy 07-23-15 A"
    • Cart #3 of the day would be: "clacy 07-23-15 B"
    • Cart #4 of the day would be: "clacy 07-23-15 C'

Other possible ways to name a cart are add item description to cart name (if one item is in the cart), add vendor name (if ordering from one supplier), add lab / person / department you are ordering for, etc. 

  • For example:
    • Cart name with item description: "clacy 07-23-15 computer"
    • Cart name with vendor: "clacy 07-23-15 CDW"
    • Cart name with lab: "clacy 07-23-15 MacIver"
    • Cart name with person ordering for: "clacy 07-23-15 Konrad"
    • Cart name with department ordering for: "clacy 07-23-15 purchasing"

Important Note!

  • When a cart is assigned to a Requester, the cart name is transferred to NUFinancials as the requisition name.
  • It is recommended that Shoppers & Requesters within the same department use the same naming conventions.


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