Renewing Tableau Creator License

Instruction on how to renew Tableau Creator license


Renewal Steps and Expectation:

  1. Fill out the Tableau Renewal Request Form
  2. Requester will receive confirmation email from Tableau (24-48 hours after step 1)
  3. Requester will receive quote from Tableau (note: this is not the same as an invoice to pay against)
  4. Requester coordinates steps below with their Financial Administrator (person who processes purchases for your department) 
    1. Credit Card payment,  pay using link sent from Tableau
    2. Purchase Order (PO)
      1. Create a Requisition
      2. Upon approval, requisition sourced to PO and sent to
      3. Tableau receives invoice from above step
      4. Tableau generates Invoice refencing the PO number
      5. Tableau emails Invoice to
      6. Northwestern processes payment 
  5. Portal Admin emails license holder that renewals have been processed, cc Requester with key information


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Updated: 2021-11-18 15:06:55

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