Scheduling a Blue Jeans meeting

Use Blue Jeans to schedule both one-time and recurring meetings.


Schedule a one-time meeting:
  1. Go to or use the BlueJeans app on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Select Log in. You will be directed to the Northwestern University SSO log in page.
  3. Enter your NetID and NetID password.
  4. Click Schedule Meeting.
  5. Enter the title, time, and date of your meeting.
  6. Use Advanced Options to customize your meeting.
  7. Click Schedule Meeting.
You’ll receive an email with connection details that can be sent via email to your participants or added to a meeting invitation in Outlook. Northwestern IT recommends using Outlook to better facilitate attendee scheduling.
Schedule a recurring meeting:
  1. Follow steps 1-5 above.
  2. Click the box for Repeat Meetings to expand the scheduling options.
  3. Choose between Daily, Weekly, or Monthly meetings and specific days of the week with varying frequencies.
  4. Use Advanced Options to customize your meeting.
  5. Click Schedule Meeting.
Advanced Meeting Options Details:
  • Encrypt Meeting: Encrypts the video connection for increased security. Note: This may not be successful with room-based endpoints.
  • Crop Video: Cuts the video display to a wider aspect ratio.
  • Moderator-less Meeting: Allows use of the meeting time without the room owner being connected. Attendees connected via telephone will not have to wait until the moderator has joined the meeting.
  • Enable Auto-Recording: Starts recording the meeting automatically as soon as it begins.
  • Disable Chat Messaging: Turns off the ability to chat via text
  • Mute Participants on Entry: Prevents attendees joining late from disrupting a meeting that has already started. Attendees joining a meeting with this setting enabled are notified that they are muted upon joining.
  • Silent Participant Entry Mode: Turns off visual and audio notifications when attendees enter and exit the meeting.


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