Feinberg - Using the F5 Big-IP Edge client for Windows

The F5 Big-IP Edge client provides a secure connection for accessing an @northwestern.edu (Exchange) email account using Outlook. If you are a Feinberg faculty, staff member, or student, you are required to use this VPN client before accessing your email account, whether you are on campus or off campus. Because Big-IP Edge is used only for email access, you will still need to use traditional VPN to connect to shared drives and other University resources when you're off campus.

When the F5 Big-IP Edge client was pushed to your University computer, it was preconfigured with the appropriate server information to allow you to connect easily. Your computer settings were also modified to automatically open the client when you turn your computer on. All you need to do is add your NetID and NetID password to complete the configuration. 

If you have any questions or need to have your personally-owned computer configured to use the F5 Big-IP client, contact Feinberg IT at


  1. Click Start > All Programs > BIG-IP Edge Client

    or click the system tray and double-click the F5 BIG-IP Edge icon.
  2. Click Connect, and when the logon window is displayed, enter your NetID as the Username and your NetID password as the Password. Check the Save Password checkbox, then click Logon.
  3. You may see the following windows if this is your first time connecting.
    1. Click Add this site to your Trusted Sites list, and always allow inspection from this site. 
    2. Click Yes to continue running scripts on this page
    3. Click Work network
  4. The F5 BIG-IP Edge client will initialize and connect. The F5 icon in your system tray should now be red. To disconnect, click on the 'Disconnect' button.
  5. You will see the "Common Edge" and "APM" networks in your system tray.




For additional assistance please contact Feinberg IT at fsmhelp@northwestern.edu, or call the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 5.

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