Using the Senturus Analytics Connector in Tableau

Follow the steps below to connect to a Cognos package or a report in Tableau with the help of Senturus Analytics Connector. Refer to the Senturus User Guide by for more information on working with Cognos Packages and Reports in Tableau.


  1. Under Connect > To a Server, select Other Databases (ODBC).
    Connect to cognos from tableau
  2. Select the Driver radio button and from the drop down menu select Senturus Analytics Connector, then click Connect.
    Connect to cognos from tableau
  3. Enter the following parameters, and when you're done click OK.
    • Server: Cognos
    • Namespace: ADS
    • User name: your NetID
    • Password: your NetID password
    • Database: the Cognos package or report you wish to connect to
    Note: Details on the Databases Configured to Connect to Cognos Packages and Reports can be found in the DataSourceConfig.xml file located in the Senturus connector install directory.
    Connect to cognos from tableau
  4. Click Sign in to complete the connection. You will then see a Tableau Data source tab for this connection. Add tables like you normally would in Tableau. If you are familiar with query studio, Schema equates to a namespace and Table is each query subject.
    Connect to cognos from tableau


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