Unassign a IbuyNU cart to edit and reassign to another Requester

If you have the Shopper role, you can unassign a cart that you assigned to a Requester, edit it, and reassign it to another Requester.

After you assign a cart to your Requester, it is stored as a Draft cart.

You can now unassign the cart in order to withdraw the cart from Requester, access the contents, and make changes to it.  The Unassign option is available until the Requester retrieves the assigned cart from IBuyNU. At this point, the cart is no longer stored anywhere in iBuyNU.

From the side banner, click Shop/Cart menu Graphic of cart icon > My Carts and Orders > View Draft Shopping Carts.  You now have access to your draft carts.  Locate your cart under the My Drafts Assigned to Others section.

Click the Unassign button.  The cart is open.  Make any changes to the cart as needed, then assign the cart to your Requester.

If you cannot find your cart in My Drafts Assigned to Others, this indicates that the Requester has already retrieved it.  You can no longer Unassign it to make changes.  If the only change needed is to order additional quantities, create a new cart for the additional items.

More information can be found by visiting the "Unassign a Cart and Recreate a Cart" job aid in myHR Learn at this link:


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