Reprovisioning your SIP Soft Phone in Interaction Desktop

If you've been able to log in to Interaction Desktop as an ACD agent before, but now you can't do so, you may need to reprovision the SIP Soft Phone on your computer. Reasons for this need to reprovision include moving your computer between Northwestern's wired and wireless networks, or taking your computer off campus to work remotely.


  1. If you're connecting off campus
    1. For the best quality of your phone calls, connect your computer directly to your Internet router/modem using an Ethernet cable (if possible).
    2. Connect to VPN. (For instructions see 62248.)
  2. Reprovision the SIP Soft Phone.
    1. From the system tray, right-click the SIP Soft Phone icon (), then click Provision...
    2. Click Provision SIP Soft Phone.
    3. Click Next to begin the Provisioning Wizard.
    4. Select Configure Settings, and in the Phone Provisioning Server information, enter and click Next.
    5. Once the configuration has finished loading, click Next, then click Finish. If you're prompted to create a certificate, enter your NetID and the password abc.123.
  3. When the SIP provisioning process has finished, Interaction Desktop will prompt you to log in. You have the option of either checking the Use Windows Authentication box or entering your NetID and the generic password abc.123.


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