Budget Stages for Requisitions and Purchase Orders in NUFinancials: Pre-Encumbrance, Encumbrance and Expense


This Job Aid describes the budget stages of pre-encumbrance, encumbrance and expense as related to the requisition process.

  1. The entire balance of the budget is available before the requisition is budget checked.
  2. When a Requester budget checks a requisition it is displayed on the budget statement as a pre-encumbrance.
  3. When the requisition is fully approved and sourced into a purchase order, the pre-encumbrance is relieved (removed) and an encumbrance is displayed on the budget statement as an encumbrance.
  4. When a voucher (invoice) is entered into system by Accounts Payable, the encumbrance is relieved (removed) and the expense is displayed on the budget statement.



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