Managing Expense Reports in NUFinancials Training Guide


Once you have created and saved an expense report, you can view it and depending on the status, modify it.


Navigate to My Expense Reports

NUFinancials > Expenses > My Expense Reports

  1. On the left side, you can click on the status of the reports you would like to view:
    1. Returned – sent back (can be modified)
    2. Not Submitted – Created, but not submitted (can be modified)
    3. Awaiting Approval – View those that are still in the workflow/approval process (cannot be modified once submitted, unless withdrawn.)
    4. Pending Payment – View those with payments that have yet to be sent (cannot be modified once approved)
    5. View All -- View all Expense Reports (cannot be modified once approved)


  1. For Proxy access:

a. Click on the drop-down arrow in the upper left.

b. Click Change Employee, and then choose the desired name to Proxy.


Returned Status

This status represents expense reports that have been sent back/returned due to an error. These expense reports can now be modified.

  1. Click on the Returned status.


  1. Click on the Expense Report you would like to review. In this example, the game expense report.



  1. This will open up the Expense Report Summary where you can view the comments in the returned report. In this example, the expense report was returned for failure to attach the correct documents.


  1. Click Update Details to access the Expense Report.


  1. Once you are here, click the Paper and Pencil icon in the upper left corner.


  1. This will take you to the General Information page where you can add the correct attachments.
    1. Once the attachments have been added, click the Update Details button in the upper right corner.
    2. Then click Review and Submit.
    3. Then click Submit to send the Expense Report into workflow for approval.


Not Submitted Status

This status represents expense reports that have been started, but not completed and submitted. It is fully modifiable.

  1. Click on the Not Submitted status.
  2. Click on the Expense Report you would like to review. In this example, the Lacrosse Tournament.


  1. Confirm all General Information is correct/complete: Business Purpose, Description, Expenses Supervisor, Attach Receipt, and Accounting Defaults.
  1. Click Update Details once you complete General Information and to go on to the next page.


  1. Complete the Expense Report as outlined in the Expense Report Training Guide in myHR Learn to submit this Expense Report.


Awaiting Approval Status

  1. Click on the Awaiting Approval (#2 in image below).
  2. Click on the Expense Report you would like to review (#3 in image below).


Submitted for Approval:


This takes you to the Expense Report Summary:

  1. Click on Refresh Approval Status to complete the withdrawal.


Approvals in Process:

  1. Cannot be modified. Click on View Details to view the details of the expense report.



Pending Payment Status

View only status.



View All Status

Ability to view all of your (or your Proxy’s) expense reports. See other statuses for specific functionality.


Additional Functionality & Side Tool Bar and Additional Functionality in Expense Report Summary 

Side Tool Bar

Note: Only Returned and Not Submitted status has Tool Bar functionality.


Add: Add an expense line.

Wallet: To add My Wallet expense lines to this expense report.

Delete: Delete this expense line.

Filter: Filter the expenses lines in this report.



Select All: Not in Use.

Quick-Fill: To be used for adding multiple lines at once.

Copy: Copy this expense line for a recurring expense, or for a one-time copy.

Delete: Delete this expense line.


Additional Information

Notes: Click Notes to leave a note for the Approver. This will not appear on the Expense Report.  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/Expenses/Managing17.JPG



For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email




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