Searching for Sponsor Payments in NUFinancials


This job aid provides the steps to locate payments received for sponsored projects.


Log in to NUFinancials:

Navigation: Navigator → Accounts Receivable → Customer Accounts → Item Information → Item List

Step 1

Use the Advanced Search tab. Search for Invoices and Payments using the Contract Number (same as the Award Number, or the InfoEd parent Proposal ID). The Contract Number can be found on the Project Account Summary and Budget Statement reports, or by searching the Award Profile page using the Project ID.

  1. Select a status.
  2. Enter the Contract Number.
  3. Click Search.

Step 2

View Results on Detail Tabs. You can view all invoices and payment statuses. The data displayed includes information on invoices (items) and payments.

Note: The Search Results Totals box includes only unpaid amounts.

Relevant Detail Tab Column Descriptions




Detail 1


Invoices generated in NUFinancials begin with NU. With the exception of Clinical Trials, CUFS invoices that were fully paid prior to go-live will not appear in NUFinancials.

Detail 1


Generally Open (unpaid or partially paid) or Closed (paid).

Detail 1


The date that payment is due, usually 30 days after the invoice was created.

Detail 1

Days Late

The number of days between the due and payment dates.

Detail 1

Item Balance

The unpaid portion of the invoice

Detail 2

Customer Name


Detail 4

Orig Item Amt

Invoice Amount

Detail 4

As of Date

The date the invoice was created

Detail 5


The Contract or Award number

Detail 6

Last Activ Dt

If fully or partially paid, the date of last payment. If open, the system invoice date.

Step 3

Find and View the Check/Wire Number. Note: Clicking the Item hyperlink to view details will not work.

  1. Select the checkbox for the corresponding payment to be reviewed.
  2. From the Item Actions drop-down menu, select View Items and Item Activity.
  3. Click GO.

Step 4

Find & View the Check/Wire Number. You may have to click View All in the Item Activity header bar to see all lines.

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