NUFinancials: Assign a Management Level to ChartFields


The article explains the use of the chartfield management level attribute.


Assign a Management Level to a Department or Project

Did you know that Management Level is an attribute of your department or project that you can assign yourself?

When Department IDs and Project IDs are assigned a Management Level in NUFinancials, you provide insight into how the chart string is managed financially. Within several Cognos BI reports, you and your colleagues can use Management Level to filter results. Two such reports are the GL074 Financial Summary with Management Level & Project Purpose report and the GL077 Income Statement report.

Access to this function is granted when the "ChartField Manager Entry" is added to your General Ledger Access. The capability to add and update is limited to departments and projects to which you also have access. All NUFinancials users can view the information.

What are the Management Levels?
Project Management Levels Department Management Levels
Dean/VP Administration

Dean/VP Administration

Dept Chair/Unit Head

Dept Chair/Unit Head







Step 1: Navigate to the Manager/Reviewer Pages

Begin at the NUFinancials Main Menu.

  • Click NU Interfaces & Processes > ChartField Managers/Attributes > Department Manager/Reviewer OR
  • Click NU Interfaces & Processes > ChartField Managers/Attributes > Project Manager/Reviewer.
  • Result: the Manager/Review page appears with the "Find an Existing Value" dialog on display, shown below.

Step 2: Lookup a Department ID or Project ID


  1. With "Find an Existing Value" on display in the foreground, enter a Department ID OR Project ID.
  2. Click Search. Result: the Department Manager/Reviewer page OR Project Manager/Review appears (shown below).

Step 3: Assign a Management Level


  • Note: After you assign a management level below, you return to this page to click Save (7).
  1. Click Attribute. Result: The ChartField Attributes page appears (shown below).


  1. In the Chartfield Attribute field, click the magnifying glass to select MGT LEVEL, if necessary.
  2. In the Chartfield Attribute Value field, click the magnifying glass to select a management level value.
    • Conditional: If you want to delete an attribute, click the minus sign.
    • Conditional: If you are working on certain projects, you may also be able to add the Project Purpose attribute. In others, you may see a Project Purpose already assigned when the chart string was originally established. Click the plus sign to add an attribute line if desired. (See example below.)
  3. Click OK. Result: The main page reappears (shown above).
  4. Click Save (shown above).

Examples in NUFinancials

You may add one Management Level per ChartField. Depending on the type of project, you may be able to add one Project Purpose to a Project ID. Normally, Project Purpose is requested on the ChartField Maintenance Request form at the time the project is established. NUFinancials does not allow invalid values to be assigned. Some project purposes may not be deleted.

Department Management Level Example:


Project with Management Level and Project Purpose Example:


Results in Cognos BI

The Management Level prompt (and Project Purpose prompt) appear as appropriate in Cognos BI reports. They enable you to request chart strings on the report that match the value(s) you specify in the prompt.


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