Add Salary Placeholders in NUPlans Web


You may need to add placeholders to estimate compensation for new employees or new salary budgets.


·         For employees who do not appear in the Comp Input View

o   New positions

o   New employees

o   Hired

o   Pending hire


To add Budget Grouping specific placeholders

Navigation: NUPlans Web > Applications > Salary Placeholders > Add Salary Placeholder


Screenshot of Add Salary Placeholder screen

·         Placeholders cannot be added if the budget grouping is locked (submitted).

·         A 6-digit HR Home Department ID is required for units who budget compensation by Home Department but is optional for all other units.

o   Values ending in 90 or 96 are salary confidential.

·         Placeholder Type is optional for most units.  Placeholder types include:

o   Replacement

o   Promotion

o   New

o   Equity

o   Other

·         Employee ID is required for units that require Placeholder Type, except for “New” and “Other” types. It is optional for all other units.

·         Placeholders are added immediately.


If you enter an HR Home Department ID ending in 90 or 96 and click Verify Status a message in YELLOW confirms that the placeholder is ready to add and the salary is confidential.

Screenshot of confidential salary warning

A message in red informs you that you must make some type of correction in order for your placeholder to be added.

Screenshot of sample error message

Last Placeholder Added confirms your placeholder was added.

The form automatically clears, so you can add another placeholder, if needed.


Screenshot showing last placeholder added




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