Recovering deleted items from your (Microsoft 365) account using the Outlook Web App (OWA)


When you delete an item (e.g., message, folder, appointment, or contact), Outlook moves it to the Deleted Items folder. If you need to retrieve a deleted item, you can easily find it from in that folder and recover (move) it to another folder.

When you empty the Deleted Items folder, its contents are then transferred to a hidden folder. You may be able to recover items from that folder, provided you haven't emptied it. Note that if you've purged items from Recover Deleted Items, they are not recoverable at all.

Also note that this recovery operation is not available in Outlook 2016 for macOS. If you usually use Outlook 2016 for macOS, you will need to recover deleted items using Outlook Web App (OWA) instead.


  1. Right-click the Deleted Items folder and select Recover Deleted Items.
  2. Select the email messages you want to recover and click Recover.
  3. A pop-up message will show where the deleted items will be restored. Click OK.






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