Modifying your information in the Northwestern online directory


The Northwestern online directory searches and displays results with information obtained from CAESAR, myHR and NUValidate.

  • CAESAR (students): Legal name, preferred name, phone number, current and permanent home addresses
  • myHR (regular faculty/staff): Legal name, professional name, office phone number, office address
  • NUValidate: Nicknames that students, faculty and staff have manually added to NetID records

If you've changed your legal name, you need to follow the Registrar's procedure and/or HR's procedure to make that change in CAESAR or myHR, respectively. If you are a temporary employee, you cannot create a professional name in myHR.

Changing your display name in CAESAR (students)

Instructions available in the following KB article:  Staff, faculty, temps: Changing the display name on your (Exchange/Microsoft 365) account

Changing your current phone in CAESAR (students)

  1. Log in to CAESAR at
  2. On the Student Homepage, click the Profile tile
  3. From the left hand navigation list, select Contact Details
  4. Modify your phone number and click Save

Additional instructions: Add or Update Phone Number

Choosing what information is visible in your Online Directory listing (students)

Students are allowed to customize their Online Directory entries to make certain fields visible or invisible in the Online Directory. These changes will be reflected for all users of the directory, both on- and off-campus.
  1. Log into NUValidate at
  2. Select Edit Online Directory Information.
  3. Scroll down to the heading Fields that apply to Students Only.
  4. Make sure that all fields that you want to be hidden have their checkboxes unchecked, and all fields that you want to be visible have their boxes checked.
  5. If you made any changes, click Submit at the bottom of the screen.

Changing your professional name in myHR (regular staff and faculty)

When you set professional name in myHR, it becomes your primary name. In addition to being shown in the online directory, it also becomes the default display name on your Office 365 email account.
  1. Log in to myHR at
  2. Select Personal Details > Online Directory
  3. Click Names (Legal, Professional/Published/Spouse)
  4. Enter or edit your Professional/Published Name
  5. Check the Professional Name Indicator checkbox and click Save

Adding or modifying your office phone number in myHR (regular staff and faculty)

  1. Log in to myHR at
  2. Select Personal Details > Contact Details
  3. Under Phone, click + to add a phone, or click an existing phone number to edit it
  4. Enter or edit your Work Phone, check the Preferred checkbox and click Save

Modifying your office location in myHR (regular staff and faculty)

Your office location in the Online Directory is defined on a departmental level. You cannot change this information yourself. You need to talk with the business administrator in your department who has access to myHR. They manage the office locations for your department, and will need to modify your HR record to reflect your new office address. They may need to have a new location created within myHR if you (or your department) has moved to newly built or renovated space.

Adding nicknames to your Online Directory listing (through NUValidate)

  1. Log in to NUValidate at with your NetID and NetID password
  2. Click Edit Online Directory Information
  3. Scroll down to Additional Nicknames
  4. Enter your nickname, then click + to the right to add it.
    • Consider adding any nicknames, misspellings, alternate spellings, or permutations of your name that might make it easier for others to find you. For example, if your first name is Robert, add Bob; if your last name is Anderson, add Andersen; if your name is Britney, add Brittany and Brittney.
  5. When you've finished adding nicknames, click Submit.

Changing your Online Directory Name (affiliate NETID's)

All names for affiliate NETID accounts can be updated/modified under NUValidate.
Please assign these types of requests to Tier 2.






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