Obtaining and managing an @u.northwestern.edu (or other Google G Suite) organizational account


@u organizational accounts are used to facilitate communication and collaboration with students. These accounts can be used to establish an organizational identity (e.g., psych-advising@u.northwestern.edu) that can share calendars and documents with other @u.northwestern.edu accounts. Undergraduate and graduate student groups and religious groups can also request organizational @u.northwestern.edu accounts. These accounts can also be used to create a group mailing list (of other @u.northwestern.edu accounts).


Applying for a new organizational account

  1. Go to Organizational Account Request Form and log in with your NetID and NetID password.
  2. Complete the required information and click Submit Request when you're done. You'll receive an email message with account's information within three business days.


Changing the password of an existing organizational account

  1. Go to https://umail.northwestern.edu/umail_pass/netid.php and log in with your NetID and NetID password.
  2. Click the Change account password for an Organization account radio button, enter your Organization Account's email address, and click Continue.

  3. Enter the desired new password into the boxes provided and click Update Password.


Changing the owner of an existing organizational account

If you are the owner of an existing account and want to change or add owners, send a request to servicedesk@northwestern.edu. Make sure you include the name of organizational account along with the name, NetID, and email address of the new owner(s). If you are completely passing ownership of an existing account, the new owner should change the password after ownership has changed.



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