Requesting creation of a committee in CATracks


A committee is a group of alumni, faculty, staff or other individuals who share a common purpose or objective through volunteering time and/or services to benefit NU directly, or participation in Northwestern University clubs. Examples include

  • trustee committee
  • reunion committee
  • alumni board
  • staff managed student group or advisory board


If you're not sure whether your group is a committee, please talk with your SSR before proceeding.
  1. Access the Committee Request form at the ARD Knowledge Share site:
  2. Save the request form to your computer with a new name, such as Willie Wildcat’s Homecoming Committee Request form
  3. Complete the Requester Information section (required)
Hot Tip! 40 characters are available for committee name, including spaces and punctuation. Please include full words, instead of acronyms.  If an acronym is part of the group name, please indicate what it stands for so that can be indicated elsewhere in the committee.
  • Parent committee (not required): If your committee is a sub-committee of another, write that name here.
  • Committee purpose: State the reason for creating the new committee
  • Committee type: From the drop-down list, select one of the available types
  • Selection type: From the drop-down list, indicate how committee members are selected
  • Committee group: Indicate which team owns, or will manage the committee
  • Committee start date (required) and stop date (if applicable): Indicate dates in this format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Additional comments: Share anything further about the committee purpose here.
For more info on committees, see the ARD Affinity Tracking Policy at p.15


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