Managing access to a former employee's data


Northwestern IT can grant access to a voice mailbox, email mailbox, Northwestern Box folders, or set up an auto-reply message on a departed employee's email account. However, we require email authorization from Human Resources before we can grant this access.


If the person still has access to Box

If an individual is leaving the University and still has access to their Box account, they can always grant Owner access to their content by taking the following steps:
  1. Log in to Box at
  2. Go to the folder(s) you would like to transfer ownership of.
    1. If there is a lot of content, you can create a new folder and drag-and-drop all of your folders inside it before proceeding.
  3. Single left-click the folder. The Sharing details will appear on the right side of the screen.
  4. If the folder is already shared with the person you'd like to make co-owner, skip to step 5. If not:
    1. Click Share this Folder
    2. Enter the person's name or email address and click on them in the search result
    3. Click Send
  5. Once the prospective owner has access to the folder, click on the three dots to the right of their name. A permissions level box appears.
  6. Click Owner.
  7. If Owner is not available, you may not be the owner of the folder you are trying to share.
  8. A warning box will appear. Click OK.
  9. Ownership of the content will be transferred to the other person. You, as the owner, will be downgraded to an Editor.

If the person no longer has access to Box

Human Resources requires that all requests to change ownership of or modify Box content owned by an employee be reviewed and approved by their department. Please contact your department's HR representative and provide the following information:
  • Name and email address of the departed employee
  • Business justification for access to the email, voicemail or Box account
  • Name and email address of the individual that will need access to the account
  • Verbiage for the auto-reply message, if applicable
Make sure one of these individuals is making the request. The request cannot come from a DDCA.
Please contact the appropriate Human Resources representative for your area:






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