Subscribing to the Northwestern holiday calendar using Outlook 2016/2013 for Windows


You have the option of subscribing to the University's holiday calendar. Subscribing is a one-time process - the holiday calendar will automatically update each year.

    1. In the upper left, click File > Account Settings, and select Account Settings from the drop down menu. 

Here is a picture showing the location of the Account Settings button within the Account Settings dropdown menu. It is located on the left side underneath the Add Account button.


  1. Select the Internet Calendars tab.
  2. Click New...
    Here is a picture showing the Internet Calendars tab of settings. The New button is circled to show its location on the top right underneath the various tabs.
  3. Paste the following calendar URL in the open text field:
  4. Click Add. You can rename the calendar in the folder name field, if desired. Click OK.
  5. Close the Account Settings window and the holiday calendar will appear within your Outlook Calendar menu (left).
  6. To have the holiday calendar appear as a tab behind your existing personal calendar, right-click on the holiday calendar tab, and select Overlay.







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