Transferring an active phone call from your Cisco desk phone to your cell phone


While connected to your Cisco call, you may move the call to your cell phone without interrupting the call.


  1. During an active call, press the Options (...) soft key.                                                                                                                               Soft keys can be found on the phone screen and will change depending on the state of the phone.   
  2. Select Send Call to Mobile.
  3. Press the Select soft key. Stay connected to your call.  In approximately 20 seconds, your cell phone will ring.  
  4. Answer your cell phone.
  5. Your in-progress call will now be on your cell phone.
  6. Hang up your desk phone.
Switch an active Cell Phone call to your Desk Phone:
  1. If you answer a call on your cell phone using Single Number Reach, you may switch the call back to your desk phone.
  2. Confirm your Line Button is solid Red indicating an active on your Cisco 7841.  
  3. Ask your caller to hold.
  4. End your cell phone call which will place your call on hold for 10 seconds.
  5. Press the Flashing Red Line Button or the Resume soft key on your Cisco 7841 to retrieve the call from hold.  
For more information see Cisco How-To Videos or Cisco 7841 User Guide.


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