Troubleshooting R on Quest


Tips for addressing common problems using R on Quest.

Common Issues

My RStudio session is frozen

If your RStudio session is frozen, one option is to delete your .rstudio and .rstudio-desktop directories in your Quest home directory.

The risks of doing this are:

  • Losing any unsaved files or objects in the environment in RStudio sessions
  • Disrupting any running sessions
  • RStudio not remembering what project or files you had open

To delete these directories, first log out of all Quest Analytics sessions and close any RStudio sessions you have running from Quest login nodes or interactive jobs. Then, if you aren't already, connect to a Quest login node.

NOTE: Please type the following commands carefully. Removing files on Linux systems can't be undone.

rm -r .rstudio
rm -r .rstudio-desktop

The try launching a new RStudio session however you were using it before. If you're still encountering a problem, contact for further assistance.

My R script runs in R but gives me errors as a batch job

Case 1: Your script runs in R or RStudio on the login nodes and as an interactive job on the compute nodes but gives you an error as a batch job

If you are using Rscript as the R executable in your batch job submission script, you may need to add library(methods) to the top of your R script (your .R file).

The R executable that runs in RStudio, or starts the R console, or is invoked via R CMD BATCH automatically loads the methods library by default. Rscript doesn't. This often leads to errors concerning object types or classes, or errors surrounding types of matrices.

Case 2: Your script runs in R or RStudio on the login nodes but you get an error on the compute nodes via both an interactive job and batch job

One of the following situations likely applies:

  • A package you are using needs to access a system library that isn't installed on the compute nodes. This most commonly occurs surrounding locale information or fonts.
  • You installed a package with a non-default version of a compiler module loaded. You may need to add a module load statement for the relevant compiler to your job submission script.
  • You're accidentally using different versions of R in the two places. Make sure you're loading the R module with the version specified.

If you're still encountering a problem after trying the above, contact for further assistance.

I'm getting a compilation error when installing or updating a package

If you're using the Quest Analytics Nodes, you may need to log in to Quest directly to install or update the package. This is because you may need to load a newer version of system libraries via the module system to compile the package during installation successfully. See installing R packages for an example.

If you're not using the Analytics Nodes, or you're not sure what you need to change to get the package to install successfully, contact for further assistance.



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