Using Xfinity on Campus as an undergraduate student with a Residential Housing contract


If you live on campus in a residence hall or residential colleges, you can use the Xfinity on Campus streaming service. This service is provided by Residential Services as part of your housing contract. If you live in graduate housing (i.e., McManus or Engelhart), in Greek housing (i.e., fraternity or sorority house), or off campus, you are not eligible to use this service.


To access Xfinity on Campus, go to Cable and Streaming. Note that you must be on campus to access the service. You can stream from your residence, the library, or anywhere else you're connected to the Northwestern wireless or wired network. You cannot access the service if you're off campus, even you use VPN. This means you can't use this service when you're home over the summer or during breaks.
If you experience an issue trying to log in through the Online Passport, see "Troubleshooting issues logging into Northwestern Services".  If you successfully authenticate with your NetID, and receive the message "We are unable to determine your campus residency" even though you live on campus, contact and indicate what residence hall or residential college you live in.
If you still encounter issues with Xfinity, send an email message from your account to with the following information:
  • Date and time of problem
  • Description of the issue you're experiencing (include the channel or feature)
  • Info on your device type (laptop, tablet, phone) and operating system, and the browser you're using
  • A callback phone number where someone can reach you
  • Include a screenshot of the issue if possible
If you have billing questions about add-on services, call Comcast directly at 877-978-3229.



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