Uploading your Wildcard photo


Your Wildcard is your official University photo ID card. You can either have your photo taken at the Wildcard office, or you can submit your own photo online. Before submitting your photo, you must have an active NetID and University email account.


  • If you are a new student, you must submit your Wildcard photo online by August 1. If you don't submit your photo by that date, you'll need to have your photo taken at the Wildcard Office during Wildcat Welcome Week.
  • If you are new faculty or staff, you can submit your Wildcard photo before picking up your Wildcard. 
  • If you are current faculty or staff whose Wildcard is expiring within 60 days, you can submit a new photo for your new Wildcard.
  • If you are current faculty or staff whose Wildcard is not expiring within 60 days, you can submit a photo to use in Outlook. This won't entitle you to obtain an updated Wildcard. 
The requirements for your Wildcard photo are the same as those for US passport photos. For more information see https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply/photos.html.

Technical specifications

Your photo must meet these format and size requirements:
  • File format: must be JPG, GIF, or PNG file format 
  • Resolution size: must be at least 600 px by 600 px 
  • File size: cannot be larger than 2 MB

Content requirements

Your photo must meet these requirements:
  • Recent color photo 
  • Cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone 
  • White, smooth background 
    • Tip: Use a white towel, sheet or large piece of paper as a backdrop
  • Bright, even lighting 
  • Centered, frontal view of your full face 
  • Eyes open and visible 
    • Wear your prescription glasses if you normally do so 
In addition, make sure your photo follows these guidelines:
  • No facial profile
  • Nothing that obscures your face (e.g., hats, sunglasses)
  • No glare on your glasses
  • No shadows on your face 
  • Nothing else (people or objects) should be visible 
  • No inappropriate expressions or gestures 
  • No senior portraits or school photos

Examples of acceptable photos


Examples of unacceptable photos


Upload your photo 

  1. Go to https://northwestern.onlinephotosubmission.com and log in with your NetID and NetID password
  2. In the center section, click the up-arrow () 
  3. Choose your photo file from your computer or mobile device
  4. Once processing of your photo is complete, click Submit 
  5. In the upper left, click Sign Out
Your photo will be reviewed within 72 hours. You will be contacted only if your photo doesn't meet all requirements and guidelines.


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