Forwarding incoming messages to your University voicemail to an email address


You can forward your voicemail messages (without transcription) to an email address, whether it's another Northwestern Exchange account, or an external Gmail or Yahoo account. The original voicemail message with transcription will also be delivered to your Exchange Inbox and will remain there. Note that the original voicemail message will continue to count against your Cisco Unity voicemail quota until it is deleted.

Start by logging in to with your NetID and NetID password. Please note the following regarding browser usage:

  • Windows
    • Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are fully supported.
    • There are display issues using Internet Explorer that make it incompatible with Cisco Unity.
  • macOS
    • Chrome and Firefox are fully supported.
    • Although many functions can be performed using Safari, it cannot be used to play voicemail messages, or to record greetings and names. For this reason we recommend using Chrome or Firefox for all your voicemail functionality.



  1. Click Settings > Notification Devices > View Notification Devices. By default, you will only have one notification enabled: HTML Missed Call, which sends missed call notifications to your Northwestern email address.
  2. Click HTML
  3. Check the box for Notification Enabled
  4. Enter the email address to receive your voicemail messages
  5. Check the box for Allow voicemail as attachments
  6. Click Save. After receiving an HTML notification message in your external email account, you can use the Play/Forward/Reply/Delete links to directly open the voicemail web interface and take the specified action.






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