Using Zoom Scheduling Privilege


When scheduling meetings for others using your Zoom account, there can be an error with scheduling meetings occurring at the same time and on the same account. This is a Zoom limitation at this time. Adding Scheduling Privileges will help you schedule meetings for others such as executives, VIP's and others whom you need to schedule meetings for.

For each person that requires you to coordinate a meeting, they must assign you Scheduling Privilege. This will prevent the overbooking of meetings by administrative staff which can cause issues with joining a meeting when concurrent meetings have been scheduled by one account. More details can be found on the Zoom Scheduling Privileges page near the bottom of the support article. 

Authorize someone to schedule meetings on your behalf

  1. Log in to Zoom at, and in the left pane click Settings
  2. Scroll down (or search) to Scheduling Privilege (near the bottom of the list) and click the Add button
  3. Enter the email address(es) of those who should be able to schedule meetings for you, then click Save

Schedule a meeting for someone else
Log in to Zoom at, and when you Schedule a Meeting, you can expand Meeting Options and the Schedule For option can be changed. This allows you to schedule a Zoom meeting using someone else's account.







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