NUPlans Log in Guide


Log in to NUPlans

1. Log into NUPlans:

NUPlans Web

a. Click NUPlans Web Login
b. Select your choice of application (nu_forecasting or nu_planning_FYxx)
c. Click Login to NUPlans


NUPlans Contributor

a. Click NUPlans Contributor Login
b. The Contributor applications page appears with a choice of budget preparation files by year
c. Click NUPlans_FYxx_Budgeting for the desired year. The Contributor Dashboard opens


2. Confirm your identity with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA):

  1. Indicate how you would like to be notified to confirm your identity for this login.
  2. Choose if you want to be remembered on your computer and browser for 30 days.
  3. Then, confirm your identity using the method you selected.


Switching between NUPlans Contributor and Web for Budgeting

You can switch between NUPlans Contributor and Web without logging out and in:

  • From the Contributor Dashboard: Click at the top of the budget group hierarchy in the left window pane. Then, under Access to Data on the bottom half of the page, click NUPlans Web.
  • From NUPlans Web: Open Applications > FYXX Annual Budgeting > Contributor Home.


Log Off/Out of NUPlans

  • On the Contributor Dashboard, click Log Off. Close the browser window.
  • In Web, click Log Out. Close the browser window.
  • Logging off ends the SSO session, which will also log you out of other systems, such as NUFinancials.
  • You may be automatically logged off NUPlans after 60 minutes of inactivity; and if so, you are unable to enter data, recalculate, and navigate from view to view.
  • In the Contributor budget grid, a prompt appears with the message “Session timed out...” When you click OK, the preparation file closes. The Dashboard remains open.



For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email



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