Microsoft Power Automate - Quick Reference Guide


This guide provides an overview of how to get started using Power Automate to create workflows which can be scheduled, triggered manually, or automatically performed based on actions. 
Accessing Microsoft Automate 

  1. Visit the Office 365 portal (; login with Northwestern University credentials or go to your Microsoft apps.
  2. Select Power Automate.




Development Reminders: 

  • Users do not need access to a workflow in order to trigger it through the trigger actions.
  • Actions will be performed as the user who created that action (Example: Send an email will send from the account of the user who created the step).
  • Workflows do not auto save. Workflows must be saved manually.
  • When you share a workflow, it will be moved to the “Team flows” tab within “My flows”.



While Northwestern IT supports the installation of Office 365, support is not offered for individual applications. If you do not find resources here directly related to your needs, please visit LinkedIn Learning, or Microsoft support and search for specific information.








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