Fluid Catalog Requisition in iBuyNU / NUFinancials (Quick Reference)


This Job Aid will walk Requesters through the process of creating a Catalog (iBuyNU) Requisition.

Navigation: Log into NUFinancials > Select Employee Self Service Homepage > Click on the eProcurement (tile)

  1. Click the Create Requisition Tile.
  2. Click Web Suppliers to create a Catalog Requisition.
  • Note: You may receive an error message stating that: "There is a non-catalog item in the cart. Please clear the cart to proceed further with adding items from Web Suppliers." iBuyNU and non-catalogs items should not be combined on a requisition. The error message is indicating that you have a non-catalog item in the cart that has not been processed as a requisition. To proceed to add items from iBuyNU, either complete the non-catalog requisition or click the cart icon to clear the item(s) from your cart.
  1. Click iBuyNU under the Web Suppliers section.
  2. Search for items. There are multiple ways:
    • To search by keyword, type a keyword in the Search field and press Enter.
    • To search by part number, type a part number in the Search field and press Enter.
    • To shop a specific supplier catalog, click /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/Requisitions/CatalogReqs/CATRQ02.JPG from the left side menu. Then select a supplier.
  3. Click Add to Cart.
  4. When you are finished adding items to your iBuyNU shopping cart, hover over the shopping cart /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/Requisitions/CatalogReqs/CATRQ04.JPG and click /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/Requisitions/CatalogReqs/CATRQ05.JPG .

iBuyNU will verify pricing and check to see if there are any alternate suppliers who may have the item you are purchasing for a lower price or available in a another brand. iBuyNU will also check item availability and display a red message if one or more items is not available.

  1. Click /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/Requisitions/CatalogReqs/CATRQ06.JPG

The Cart is transferred to NUFinancials, Checkout step. This is where you enter Ship to Codes, Chart Strings, Budget Check, and Save and Submit the requisition.


  1. Enter Requisition Name.
  2. Enter Header Comments if applicable.
  3. Enter Justification Comments if applicable.
  4. Click Schedule Details next to your line item for Ship To and Distributions.
  5. Click the magnifying glass next Ship To.
  6. Expand the Search Criteria section to search by Ship to Location or Description. Click Search and select the appropriate Ship to Location.
  7. At this time, you can input the Attention To field, if it hasn’t already populated with the correct name.
  8. Under Distributions, enter chart string fields for a line item.
  9. Click Chartfield2.
  10. Enter Fund Code.
  11. Enter Department Code.
  12. Enter Account Code.
  13. Enter Project and Activity Codes as applicable.
  14. Click Done.
  15. Click Save. Requisition ID is assigned.
  16. Click Checkout.
  17. Click Check Budget.
    • The budget check ensures the chart string(s) is valid and has no spending controls against it that would prevent you from submitting the requisition.
    • Successful budget checking pre-encumbers or earmarks the funds.
  18. A pop-up message appears regarding budget checking the transaction. Click Yes.
  19. Click Checkout.
  20. Click Submit.

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email consultant@northwestern.edu.



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