SharePoint Web Parts


Web parts are server-side controls that run inside a web part page: they're the building blocks of pages that appear on a SharePoint site. See Building Block: Web Parts.  By using web parts, you can modify the content, appearance, and behavior of pages of a SharePoint site by using a browser.

How to add a Web part to a Page

1. To add a web part, navigate to a page or a site.  

2. Click Edit at the top right of the page. 

3. Hover over an existing web part. A line will appear along with a (+)  

4. Click + to view a menu of web parts to choose from. You can also search for a web part using the search box at the top.

5. Click Expand to view web parts by category. Use the category dropdown to filter the list or search for the Web part you are looking for.


Adding a News Web part

One of the more common web parts you can add to your page or site is News. Keep your team up to date by posting announcements, status updates, and other important information. 

1. To add the web part to a page, select News from the list of available web parts.

2. The web part will be added to the page.

3. From the properties panel on the right, specify a news source. News posts can come from your current site, other sites that are part of your organization, or sites that you frequently visit.

4. Select a layout based on how you prefer to display and share information.

5. Organize your news by choosing the order in which they display. Click + select news to organize.

6. From the large pane, drag the news stories from the left to the position you want on the right pane.


Adding Events Web Part

Events is another common web part you can add to your page to alert members of your team about upcoming events.

1. To add an Events web part to a page, select it from the list of available web parts.

2. The web part will be added to your page. Click Edit.

3. Select the desired settings from the properties pane on the right such as source and layout of events.


Editing Events

1. To add an event to the web part, you must first publish your page if you have not already done so. From the published page, find your Events web part and click Add Event.

2. Add the details of your event.

3. To move a web part on your page or site, click Edit on the top right.

4. Hover over the web part. Click and drag the crosshairs to move the web part to desired location on site or page.

5. To remove the web part, click the trash icon.








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