New Teams Request Form Guide


NOTE -- this form is for requesting a new team in Microsoft Teams.   It's not for requesting a new user account in Microsoft Teams.   All full time students, faculty and staff are licensed for Teams. Please visit the Teams service catalog page and scroll down to Getting Started, if you want to start using Teams. 

NOTE(2) -- if you have an existing SharePoint site that you want to add Teams to, then please return to the Teams service catalog page and select 'Update/Delete Teams Request'.  When filling out that form select Change then answer Yes to 'Do you want to link your SharePoint site with Teams?'.


Team Name

This will be the display name of the team visible in Teams and backend SharePoint site. Team names can be modified by the team owner after the team is created.  NOTE:  updating the site URL (to match a modified team name) can only be performed by Collaboration Services engineers.  Please open a TDX ticket.

Primary Owner NetID

User will receive a "Teams Automation Request Completed" notification. The primary owner will be configured with the following permissions.

  • site collection administrator
  • site owner
  • team owner

Secondary Owner NetID

User will receive a "Teams Automation Request Completed" notification. The secondary owner will be configured with the following permissions.

  • site owner
  • team owner

Team Type

This is the template used when creating a new team.  Please refer to Types of Teams for additional information. Team templates cannot be changed once a team is created.

Private/Public Team

A private team's membership is managed by the team owner(s) where-as a public team is visible for any licensed Northwestern user to self-join. Team owners can update the team privacy at any time.

Anonymous Sharing

Anonymous sharing is the ability to create and send links to content that do not require any form of authentication on the end of the receiving user. This means that the user clicking the anonymous sharing link to a file or folder within the SharePoint site will not be required to login to access the content. Anyone inside or outside of the organization can access the content via the anonymous link, and that link can be forwarded and reused to access the content by other individuals. When content is viewed or edited by an anonymous user (someone who has used the anonymous link to access the content), the "last modified by" field will show as "guest contributor" and no further user information will be available. 

Anonymous sharing allows users to share and access content while not recording any information that would allow the site owner or administrators to identify the user. As a site owner, you will have the ability to identify files, folders or libraries that have been shared anonymously, but you will not be able to identify with whom the content has been shared. 






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