Northwestern Print: Student Employee Printing Using a Shared Account


Printing instructions for student employees using shared Org accounts at their job.


Information in this article is for work-related printing ONLY.  See also Northwestern Print: Student Printing.  

​Student employees of Northwestern can print documents needed for their job at the University free of charge using Northwestern Print.  ​To avoid having work related prints accidentally charged against your student print account, submit your prints for work while you are logged onto a shared Org account for your department. Ask your supervisor for more details. 


Staff Print Queues 

​There are two staff print queues for Northwestern Print. Select the queue for Black and White or Color. Both queues can print single sided or double sided.  

Queues for staff use are: 

  • ​BW-on 

  • ​Color-on 

​Here‘s how the print queues look inside an application like Microsoft Word. Use the drop-down menu on the Print window to select the correct queue. In the example below the “BW” queue has been selected. When you have selected queue you want, click on the Print button. Your job will be sent to the queue. It will not actually be printed on the printer until you release it.

Releasing Your Print Job

“Tap-to-print” at the printer using a Wildcard is not available for Org accounts. The account is not for a real person and does not have a Wildcard.

To release your print job, you will use the Northwestern Print, Mobile Print Release web application. 

Login using the Username and Password for the Org account your department uses.

Once you are logged on you can choose the printer you want to use to print your job. Printers you have used recently will appear in the “Recent” section of the screen.


You can do a search for a particular printer by using the Search box. Type in any part of the name of the printer, e.g.  Mccormick

When you have selected the correct printer, expand it by clicking on the “>” on the right edge of the screen. You will see all print jobs that were submitted by your departmental account. You may select them all, or just choose a single job to release for printing.

Click on the green Release button to send your print to the printer.

You can also choose to cancel a job by clicking on the red Cancel button



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