Qualtrics (Survey Tool)


This document is about how to log in to your account in the Northwestern Qualtrics environment and where to get support or find answers if you have any questions.

Logging in to Qualtrics (northwestern.edu) 


  1. Go to http://northwestern.qualtrics.com 
  2. Enter your NetID and NetID password, and click Log In 
  3. At the prompt, choose No, I don't have a preexisting account here 
    1. Note: if you choose Yes, I have a preexisting account here, you will be given the option to log in to your existing Qualtrics account. If you do this, your Qualtrics account and surveys will be migrated into the main Northwestern Qualtrics environment. You will lose access to any other environments' specific branding and additional features, if any. 
  4. A new account will be created for your Northwestern account. 



Qualtrics Frequently Asked Questions (Northwestern Knowledge Base) https://services.northwestern.edu/TDClient/30/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=1763

Qualtrics Knowledge Base & Tutorial

Creating a Project (qualtrics.com – Qualtrics Support)

Building a Survey Project (qualtrics.com – XMbasecamp)

XM Basecamp: Learn Qualtrics with On-demand Training


Law School Brand Survey Template


Please click here to download the template if you would like to have Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Logo appear on the top of your survey. After you download the template, you may follow the instructions to import the template into your Qualtrics account. Once the template is imported into your Qualtrics account, you can create a survey from the template by following the steps.



·      For any account-related questions, please contact the IT Support Center at consultant@northwestern.edu or lit@law.northwestern.edu

·      The Contact Information for Qualtrics Support is available on the footer of the Projects page or the first page you see after logging in to your Qualtrics account.

·      Please refer to https://www.qualtrics.com/support/, if you would like to check the Qualtrics Support Website to see if you are able to find answers to your question(s) before contacting Qualtrics Support.

·      Please contact law-webapps@law.northwestern.edu, if you would like to have a walk-through about Qualtrics features and how to create a survey using Qualtrics.


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