Inability to Enter Data in NUPlans Contributor or Error in Taking Ownership


You may encounter an inability to enter data in NUPlans Contributor or receive an error when taking ownership.


In order to be able to enter data in Contributor in NUPlans:

1.You must have ownership of the budget grouping you are trying to edit.
2.Refer to the NUPlans Tips page, Unable to Enter Data for information on how to determine the current owner.
3.Contact the current Owner to find out if you can take ownership of the budget grouping. The current owner should commit their data and release ownership and exit the budget grouping if they currently have it open.
4.Click the Take Ownership icon .

If the owner isn’t available to release ownership themselves, users with the Prep File role can use the Release Ownership form in the Administrative directory in NUPlans Web to remove the current owner.

More comprehensive information can be found on the NUPlans Contributor Tips page  and NUPlans Contributor Basics Manual





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