NUPlans Contributor Basics Manual

This article serves as a general manual on the uses of the various capabilities available within NUPlans Contributor.


Security Access Roles in Contributor


Navigate to NUPlans Contributor



Then click NUPlans Contributor Login.


  1. The Contributor applications page appears with a choice of budget preparation files by year.
  2. Click NUPlans_FYxx_Budget for the desired year. The Contributor Dashboard opens.


Contributor Dashboard



Navigational Icons

Located in the upper right corner of the Dashboard


State Icons

The dashboard tells you the status of the budget group in the State column.


Permissions Icons

Depending on the budget grouping you are working with and the permissions you have for it, you can submit a single child budget grouping, multiple children, or a parent budget grouping.

How to Open the Budget Preparation File




  1. If you have access to both child and parent (rollup) levels, expand the tree to see all budget groupings to which you have access.
  2. To enter budget data, click the name of the child budget grouping to open the budget preparation file in a new window.
    • Alternatively, you may right-click the child in the expandable tree at left and click Open NUPlans Contributor.


Contributor Budget Preparation File