How to Add and Remove SharePoint Site Collection Administrators


How to edit the site collection administrators for a SharePoint site.


Each SharePoint site requires two valid site administrators.  As people change change roles within the university or leave the university the site collection administrators for a SharePoint site may need to be edited.  There should always be at least two valid site administrators.  

To add or remove a SharePoint site collection administrator to a SharePoint site follow these steps (you will need to be a site collection administrator of the site):

  1. Browse to the SharePoint site home page and click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of the site and select “Site information”.
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  1. Click on “View all site settings”
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  2. On SharePoint site settings page and then click on Site collection administrators which is under Users and Permissions.
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  3. This will open the Site Collection Administrators page, where you can see the Site Collection Administrators as well as add or remove SharePoint site collection administrators.  Note: you can also remove yourself as long as there is at least one valid site administrator.
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