Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is an online content and document management tool available for students, faculty, and staff to create web sites and manage file libraries. SharePoint sites are typically created for collaboration among multiple users. SharePoint is part of the Microsoft 365 applications, along with other Microsoft 365 Applications such as OneDrive, Office Online, and OneNote.

The SharePoint site owner is responsible for managing the site content, giving user access and assigning permissions.

To determine if this is the right storage option please see the Document Sharing and Data Storage Finder.


Features and Benefits

SharePoint Online features include:

  • 25 TB of storage space for each site
  • 250 GB individual file size limit
  • Files can be shared by other members of the University
  • Share files with external users
  • Share files and folders anonymously (anyone with the link access)
  • Built-in security features including file encryption and Data Loss Prevention
  • Access files from any Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS device
  • Access to previous versions of documents
  • Offline Access to files via the OneDrive client
  • Search & Discover files
  • Customizable web forms
  • Document libraries with file versioning for collaboration
  • Picture and slide libraries with thumbnails
  • Team calendaring with integration with Outlook
  • Simultaneous user collaboration on Office Documents
  • Quicky and securely request and obtain files from anyone using the Anonymous Upload Portal


Available To

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff





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How to Access

All SharePoint sites access require a NetID and NetID password. When a user visits a site that they do not have access to, they will see a web form that can be used to request access. This request will then be sent to the site owner (usually local school or department technology staff), or other local technology support staff as designated by the site owner.

SharePoint access is distributed and managed by independent local site owners. Access to new site collections is initially limited to the predetermined site owners, who will then designate appropriate user permissions in their area for authorized users.

Site owners and their designated approvers may permit access to:

  • Entire site collections
  • Individual sites
  • libraries and lists
  • Individual documents or other items


Roles and Permissions


  • Read and download site content
  • Browse site content
  • Search site content
  • Request higher access level


  • All rights and responsibilities of the above role
  • Create and edit site content
  • No access to any secure areas of the site


  • All rights and responsibilities of the above roles
  • Approve site content additions and changes


  • All rights and responsibilities of the above roles
  • Create/Edit lists and libraries
  • Change page structure and visual design
  • Add/Edit web parts


  • All rights and responsibilities of the above roles
  • Administer permissions


Browser Support for SharePoint Online

Microsoft has a chart of supported browsers available at Office Online browser support. In general, most SharePoint Online features are supported in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. One notable feature that is only available on some browsers is the "Open with Explorer" feature that allows document libraries to be opened as if they are a normal Windows folder.