Opening Supplier Contract Management XML Document in Microsoft Word (Training Guide)


The Guide will walk a Contract Administrator or Contract Collaborator through the process of opening a Supplier Contract Management XML Document in Microsoft Word Viewer.

Opening a Supplier Contract Management XML Document  in Microsoft Word – Getting Started

Why do Supplier Contract Management Documents default to open in a XML format?

  • All Supplier Contract Documents created by NUFinancials contain xml tags that allows for tracking of changes within the document.
  • The default setting for these documents is to open in a xml format.

When will this guide apply?

  • When opening a document for the first time in a new browser or if opening a document with a new computer. Settings should default when opening contract documents in the future.


Document Management

  1. Click View Document. (The file should appear at the bottom left of your screen)

  1. Click arrow next to the file to open options.
  2. Select Show in folder.


  1. Downloads in File Explorer opens. Right-click and hover over Open with to expand further options.
  2. Select Choose another app.

  1.  Click More apps.

  1. Select Word.


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