Supplier Contract Management in NUFinancials - Training Materials & Resources

This guide will provide a general overview of Supplier Contracts in NUFinancials as well as relevant training materials and resources related to the Supplier Contract Management process.

Supplier Contract Management – Getting Started

What is Supplier Contracts?

  • Supplier Contracts is a module within NUFinancials which serves as a central repository for purchasing related contracts created on behalf of Northwestern University. Supplier Contracts allows individuals with assigned roles to author new contracts, submit for internal and external collaboration and route for signature.


Supplier Contract Types

  • Ad Hoc Document: Non-monetary agreements that can be stand-alone documents or associated with the primary contract document (ex. Rider, Non-Disclosure Agreement, etc.)
  • Transactional Contract Document: Monetary contract agreement for goods or services (ex. Professional Services Agreement, Speaker Engagement Agreement, etc.)


Supplier Contract Document Statuses

Document Status Description
Draft The initial status of a generated document, the document remains in this status for initial editing.
Pending Collaboration

The document has been routed for collaboration, but not all collaborators have responded.

Collaborated, Pending Review

The document has been reviewed by all internal collaborators and is awaiting a final review by the document administrator or owner.


The document has been reviewed by all external or internal collaborators and the document administrator or owner has reviewed and updated the document based on the reviews.

Dispatched The document has been dispatched to contacts for final signature.
Executed The document has been dispatched to contacts for final signature and has been signed by all parties. When a document is executed, the next version of the document must be an amendment. When digital signatures are used, the system stores the signed PDF file as part of the executed document history and it can no longer be updated.
Inactivated A document can be removed, but not deleted, by deactivating it. This action is useful for older contracts that might be closed and should be excluded from everyday searches in the system. To bring the document back into service, it can be reactivated.

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