Conferencing Recommendations


Northwestern IT supports Teams and Zoom conferencing for effective collaboration among members of the University as well as external colleagues.

With both product's service offerings near parity, your choice may be influenced by familiarity with each product.  However, there are some differences to be aware of.  Please refer to the table below as a guide to feature differences. 

To request a consultation for your particular conferencing needs, contact the IT Support Center, or your school or department technical support representative.

  Teams Zoom
Meeting Attendees Up to 10001 Up to 3002
HIPAA Compliant Yes No3
Audio Conferencing Yes Yes
Webinars Up to 10004 Yes5
Meeting Recordings (storage retention)6 120 days  180 days
Meeting Recordings (storage location)

1:1/Ad-hoc/Scheduled Meetings - OneDrive

Teams Channel Meetings - backend SharePoint site of team

Zoom Cloud
Breakout Rooms Up to 507 Up to 508
Network Device Interface (NDI)9 Enabled (upon request) Not Enabled
Microsoft 365 Integration Natively Outlook Plug-in

1 - Faculty, staff and students can host meetings up to 1000 fully interactive participants.  Meetings that exceed 1000 attendees (up to 10000) have view-only capabilities.

2 - Faculty and staff can host unlimited minute Zoom meetings up to 300 attendees.  Over 300 attendees require provisioning of a separate Large Meeting license (500 or 1000 attendee limits can be purchased by faculty/staff).   Student host accounts are limited to 40 minute meetings with up to 300 participants.

3 - HIPAA compliance is available for individual accounts by request.

4 - Webinars for external attendee registration available upon request.

5 - A limited number of high capacity webinar licenses (either 1000 or 3000) are available on a first come / first serve basis.

6 - Recordings can be downloaded to local storage prior to retention limit.

7 - Only available on Teams meetings up to 300 participants.

8 - Up to 200 users per breakout room are supported when host account is provisioned a Large Meeting license.  Otherwise meeting participants capped at 300.

9 - NDI technology allows you to broadcast the audio and video streams from a meeting to your local network. When using NDI technology in a meeting, you will have unique video streams on the network that can be used in your own production.






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