SESP Technology Group Fall 2023 Updates



SESP Fall 2023 Technology Updates

Hello All,

Hope everyone had a great summer.  

With the Fall quarter on the horizon, we would like to share some recent technology related changes which have occurred at SESP.

SESP Technology Documentation

The SESP Technology team has consolidated all of our documentation into the new Northwestern service desktop Knowledge Base.  

All SESP tech docs can be found here - SESP Tech Home 

This page is also available from the Technology Services section of the SESP Faculty and Staff resources page available here -

Room Reservations

SESP has moved to Northwestern's 25Live service for all reservation requests. You can now find all available SESP spaces in 25Live, and we've already added all existing Fall quarter reservations. For more details, including instructions on how to use the system, please visit:


Northwestern has implemented a new university wide print solution. Beginning on 9/7 all faculty, staff, and student printing will occur through the Northwestern Print service. The main aspects of the Northwestern Print service will be familiar to SESP community members as it will utilize Ricoh Multifunction Printers and the Paper Cut print management software - both of which we have employed at SESP for many years. For details on Northwestern Print, please visit - Northwestern Print

Instructions for printing from a Windows device are available here - Windows Computer

Instructions for printing from a Mac OS device are available here - Mac OS

Annenberg 101

The technology in Annenberg 101 has been upgraded to support Zoom.  101 now features a single touch screen Zoom device and the four collaborative tables. The room now easily supports Zoom meetings and event recording. Additional information about Annenberg 101 as well as all of SESP's learning spaces is available here - SESP Learning Spaces

SharePoint at SESP

SESP has recently made changes to help SESP community members organize important files and data stored in SharePoint. All SESP SharePoint sites are now available at If you have important files that are not currently stored in one of SESP's SharePoint sites please open a support request and the SESP Technology group can help coordinate moving your files. Report An Issue




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