Research Portal

The Northwestern Research Portal is a one-stop-shop for researchers and their staff to obtain research administration information. It aggregates and displays data from multiple administrative systems in a straightforward, user-friendly way, allowing faculty members self-service access to the project information they are most interested in to make informed decisions about research projects.


Features and Benefits

The system contains the following types of project information:

  • Sponsored financial data from NUFinancials provides drillable summary, month-by-month, and transactional details for sponsored project budgets and expenses
  • Non-Sponsored financial data from NUFinancials provides drillable summary and transactional details for non-sponsored project expenses
  • Pending proposal data from InfoEd shows high-level information about proposals that have been submitted and are pending sponsor review
  • Protocols data from eIRB+ and eIACUC provides basic demographic and status information about active animal and human subjects research protocols
  • Salary data from MyHR and NUFinancials shows who was paid on a project and the breakdown of a specific researcher’s payroll among projects


Available to

  • Faculty
  • Staff





How to Request Service

Click the "Request Research Portal Access" button to the right.


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