Student Opportunity Application Portal

The Student Opportunity Application Portal (SOAP) platform provides seamless access to find funding opportunities, apply, review, and send notifications of awards to graduate & undergraduate students in any field of study.

For faculty: the platform offers vetting and application processing to final research reporting, thus providing an avenue to reach undergraduates who are interested in volunteering or working as research assistants.

For administrators: the SOAP platform facilitates the life-cycle of the grant programs offered to students: collecting application materials, review, decision, payment via MyHR Payroll or NUFinancials Journal Transfer, and reporting. The forms and workflow can be customized for each program’s individual needs using the powerful form builder & workflow tools.


Available to

  • Any department or office that offers grants or reimbursements to students.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and researchers at partner institutions around the world.



  • Platform is offered at no cost
  • Help with importing data from previous tracking systems (e.g. SurveyMonkey, Excel) is available from NUIT for a fee, or the work can be performed by department/office IT staff.


How to Request Service

Click the "SOAP Login" button to the right. 

Students and faculty can access the platform at any time to see the available opportunities.

Departments and offices that would like to administer their opportunities with SOAP should click the "Request Service" button to the right and tell us a bit about what you want to offer.


Support Resources:

  • Students and faculty should contact the department or office that offers the opportunity they are applying for if they have questions or issues.
  • Administrators have a ‘Help’ menu available in the platform with training materials and notes. They may also ‘Contact NUIT’ from the ‘Help’ menu for business-hours support.


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