Student Hiring

Student Hiring Workflow

The Student Hiring lifecycle was designed in OnBase’s Workflow module to automate many steps in the student hiring process. After a student submits a job application form online, OnBase routes it to the appropriate supervisor’s New Applicant’s queue and notifies the supervisor. Using Workflow in the OnBase Unity client, the supervisor, and Library HR (ODD) staff evaluate and route the application through subsequent queues.

While the Student Hiring interface was designed to be as intuitive as possible, support is available. Users can request an overview of the features, one-to-one training, or a group training session.

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Student Hiring Workflow – Lifecycle Modifications

This Workflow automates many aspects of the student hiring process. These include the online job application form and subsequent processing, routing, and generating of e-mail notifications between applicant, supervisor, and Library HR (ODD) staff.

Sometimes changes are needed in the wording and fields in the job application form, user task prompts or e-mail notifications. This might be due to policy changes or a desire to make the language clearer and more inclusive.  

Learn More: Student Hiring Workflow -– Lifecycle Modifications


Available to

  • Library Staff
  • Library HR (ODD) Staff


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Service Offerings (2)

Student Hiring Workflow
Support is available to student supervisors in the use of the Student Hiring Workflow in OnBase.
Student Hiring Workflow – Lifecycle Modifications
The Student Hiring lifecycle leverages OnBase’s Workflow module to automate student hiring in the Libraries.