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OnBase Account Creation and Configuration

A new account typically is created when a staff member becomes a supervisor of student worker(s) for the first time. A new OnBase account would also be created for a new member of the Libraries’ HR staff (ODD). IT staff (Mel) will create and configure a new OnBase account for new supervisors and/or HR staff. (This usually is concurrent with the installation of the Unity Client on that staff member’s computer.) The account will have the same username and password as user’s NetID. A new account also needs to be configured so the user has the necessary permissions to do their tasks in OnBase, based on group membership.

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OnBase Unity Client Installation

The OnBase Unity Client is used primarily by supervisors of student workers for the student hiring workflow. Library HR staff use Unity for the student hiring workflow and for ingest, storage and retrieval of full time and student employee records.

 IT staff will remotely install the Unity Client on individual staff computers upon request. If you are issued a new computer, you may need the client reinstalled. If you are new to supervising student workers, you will need the Unity client installed. (Confirm that an OnBase account has been created for you.)

If a new version of the Unity client is released, IT will notify Library staff and push it out to all users who have the previous version installed on their computer.

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OnBase Account Creation and Configuration
All OnBase users require an OnBase account to connect to the OnBase server.
OnBase Unity Client Installation
The OnBase Unity Client is used for student hiring and HR document management.