Library Solstice Support

Solstice provides a wireless connection, using the Solstice app (available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android), that enables screen sharing and collaboration between mobile devices. The Solstice App can be downloaded in advance or can just be downloaded and installed on the spot when you try to connect to a Solstice pod.

How to connect to a Solstice Pod:

  • Open the Solstice App on your Device.
  • Enter the IP address displayed in the top right of the Solstice splash screen.
  • Enter the four-character onscreen key-code.
  • Your connection is made.

Location of Solstice pods managed by the University Libraries IT team:

  • University Library: Information Commons, 1 South, Core Collection (2 North), Forum Room (2 South), Admin Conference Room, Room 1189, Room 2628, Room 2629, Library Classrooms B234 & B238, Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge, 3181, 3746.
  • Deering Library: Room 208, Room 200, Art Library.
  • Mudd Library: Large classroom 2210, Small classroom, 2124, Small study rooms (2115, 2117, 2133, 2135, 2141, 2142, 2144, 2146, 2148, 2151, 2153, 2155) Large study rooms (2174, 2176), Marker Lab, GIS-Lab (2122), Open Study.
  • NU Press: Meeting Room


Available to

Solstice is available to all users of the eduroam wireless network. That includes NU Students, Staff, and Faculty, plus visitors to campus who are on the eduroam network.



No charge to use.


How to Request Service

Click the "Request Service" button to the right.


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